Italy Nulla Osta [Apply Link] Decreto Flussi 2024

Decreto flows 2024: Click Day Italy Nulla Osta Apply Started from 18 March 2024 at 9:00 AM. As you all know, for the 2024 Application, the decision to accept worker recruitment applications was made through Circular No. 5969 of the Decree of the Italian Council of Ministers dated January 29, 2023.

5th February Candidati online

Changed date for hiring workers in Italy announced in 2024

  • 18 March sponsored or non-seasonal,
  • 21 March Domestic / Home work and
  • 25 March Seasonal/Agricultural work-
    This 3 day will be click day

For the following years, the recruitment application dates will be respectively:

  • 5th February 2024 at 9:00 AM for subordinate employment from countries that have cooperation agreements with Italy.
  • 7th February, 2024 from 9:00 AM for other workers in non-seasonal work.
  • 12th February, 2024 from 9:00 AM for seasonal workers.

Italy Nulla Osta Apply Schedule 2024

Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration – Services Portal

Informazioni per il click day 12 dicembre 2024

  • The application service shall be accessible;
  • From Saturday 5th February 2024 (1st Click Day)
  • 8.35 AM to 8.00 PM
  • Application: Seasonal Visa
  • Number of posts: 82550Nos
  • Apply Request: 260,953 for Seasonal Visa

Find out how many workers will be hired in three years

The data tabulated below, sourced from parliamentary commentaries, illustrate that the access quota authorized by the new decree has increased compared to the previous one. Despite this significant increase, the current allocation appears to be insufficient to meet the expected demand, so further recruitment of workers is likely in the future.

Italy Work Visa Apply

Richiesta Cittadinanza Italiana

A total of 452 thousand foreign nationals will be admitted in Italy due to seasonal and non-seasonal subordinate work and self-employment, broken down as follows:
a) 136,000 foreign nationals for 2023;
b) 151,000 foreign nationals for 2024;
c) 165,000 foreign nationals by 2025.

Stagionale [Richiesta di visto]

You already know that “a total of 136,000 non-EU workers are being recruited for December 2024. Those who will be able to enter Italy regularly for the 2024 flow decree:

Non stagionale [Richiesta di visto]

52,770 entries for non-seasonal subordinate work,
680 entries for self-employed work and
82,550 entries for seasonal jobs.

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Italy Nulla Osta Click Day Online Apply

On 02 December 2024 starting from 8:35 am and till 8:00 pm, online application is required to fill the application forms. From the website

  • Italy Nulla Osta Apply Naw
  • Italy’s Nulla Osta Click Day application
  • First you have to enter this website
  • From here you will come to a new website page
  • This page looks like a picture below.
  • From there, first click on this address.
  • Complete the application by filling all the details of the application given here
  • Now pay the prescribed application fee.

Italy Work Visa 2024 Application Expense

The application expense for a work visa for Italy is 116 Euros (USD 140). Be that as it may, the expense might differ relying upon the candidate’s nation of beginning and the kind of visa they are applying for.

Notwithstanding visa charges, extra expenses for candidates might differ from one country to another. For example, travel, convenience and record interpretation may likewise must be paid for. It is vital to consider these expenses while intending to apply for an Italian work visa.

Italy Work Visa 2024 Required Documents

The accompanying archives are expected to apply for an Italy work visa:

  1. A duplicate of a marked work contract affirming that:
  2. The business will tell you of any progressions to the work contract.
  3. A reasonable home in Italy that fulfills nearby lodging guidelines as per unofficial laws
  4. In the event of removal from Italy the business will pay the expenses of bringing home.
  5. Unique and duplicate of nulla osta or Italy work visa
  6. Identification substantial for no less than 90 days past visa legitimacy with least two clear pages
  7. 2 unique visa photographs
  8. A total Italian long-stay visa application structure
  9. Confirmation of visa charge installment
  10. Confirmation of adequate monetary means, home in Italy
  11. Duplicate of flight ticket and schedule.
  12. Confirmation of wellbeing and travel protection, which covers Italy.
  13. Other supporting reports, for example, recognitions and other capability testaments

Eligibile Country for Apply Flussi Decree

The countries eligible for the 2024 Flussi Decree work visa program are:

Bosnia Herzegovina,
Korea (Republic of Korea),
Ivory Coast,
El Salvador,
The Republic of North Macedonia,
Sri Lanka,
Steps to apply for a work visa for Italy