Nulla Osta Check Online: Italy Seasonal-Non Seasonal Worker Visa Status

When you get the nulla osta in hand then you must verify it and submit it for visa. There are two mediums for submitting nulla osta. If any of your relatives are living in Italy, if you go to the Italian administrative office here through them, just by showing this document, they will verify it and easily inform you whether this document is correct.

Italy Seasonal-Non Seasonal Worker Visa Check

Also, if you submit this nulla osta document to the Italian embassy of the country where you are currently staying, they will inform you within two weeks whether this document is correct or not. You can verify your desired nulla osta with the ID number of the owner of the company through which you have applied. More details are discussed below.

Nulla Osta Check Online Visa Status

Understanding the Nulla Osta Process

If you’re applying for a Nulla Osta in Italy, you know how crucial it is to keep track of the status of your application. The Nulla Osta, which translates to “no impediment” in Italian, is a document issued by the Italian government to authorize a foreign national to live or work in the country. Whether you’re applying for a work visa, family reunification, or study visa, it’s essential to know the status of your application to plan your next steps efficiently.

It seems like you’re providing instructions for non-EU citizens to check the status of their applications, specifically for work permits, reconciliation permits, and permit conversion in Italy. If someone has submitted an application, they can monitor its progress by visiting the Ministry of the Interior’s website.

To check the application status, individuals can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Ministry of the Interior’s website:
  2. Look for a section or link related to “Online Status Checks” or a similar term.
  3. Enter the required information, such as the application reference number or other details, as prompted.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to view the current status of the application.

Applications – Online Status Checks

If you are assisting someone with this process, be sure to have all the necessary application details on hand. Keep in mind that my knowledge is based on information available up to January 2022, and there might have been updates or changes since then. If there are specific issues or questions, it’s recommended to contact the relevant authorities or the Ministry of the Interior for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Online Status Check through

The good news is that you can now check the status of your Nulla Osta application online through the official website of the Prefettura. The Prefettura is the Italian local government office responsible for immigration and visa matters. By utilizing their online platform, you can easily track the progress of your application without the need to visit the office in person or make any phone calls.

To check the online status of your Italy Nulla Osta application, you’ll need to visit the Prefettura’s website and locate the specific section dedicated to visa and permit services. Once there, you can input the required information, such as your application reference number, passport details, and personal information. After submitting the details, the system will provide you with the current status of your application, whether it’s pending, approved, or requires additional documentation.

Benefits of Online Status Checks

The online status check feature offers several benefits to applicants. Firstly, it provides transparency and clarity, allowing applicants to stay informed about the progress of their applications. This eliminates the need for frequent visits to the Prefettura’s office, saving time and resources for both the applicants and the immigration authorities.

Furthermore, by knowing the exact status of their applications, individuals can plan their next steps accordingly. For example, if the application is approved, they can start preparing for their move to Italy, while those with pending applications can track the processing timelines and make informed decisions about their current situation.

Nula Ost Check your application status

The Villages site has a new section called “Check Application Status” on its home page.

1) Ministry of Home Affairs website to check status of following types of applications:

  • Work authorization for (nulla osta) non-EU citizens
  • Ex L 109/09 Declaration of conversion of undeclared work to declared work, family support and assistance;
  • Application for family reunification;
  • Application for conversion of residence permit.

2) Its status can be checked on the State Police website:

Issuing, renewing or duplicating residence permits.
3) The call center of the Ministry of Home Affairs can provide information on citizenship requests.


In conclusion, the ability to check the online status of your Italy Nulla Osta application through the Prefettura’s website is a valuable resource for applicants. It enables individuals to stay updated on the progress of their applications, leading to a more efficient and transparent immigration process. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating your visa approval or need to address any potential issues promptly, the online status check feature empowers applicants with the information they need to navigate the immigration process with confidence.