2024 Indian Idol Season 14 [Grand Finale] TV Live, Winner, Prize Money, Gifts, Finalists Bio

Tonight will be the last game of Indian Idol the most popular song show last movie watch us from this side March 3rd 2024 Indian time 8 pm Indian Idol final moment 11 pm grand finale name will be announced. The final result of India Idol 14 is released today on 03 march 2024. Who will be the winner now his waiting turn has started tonight from 8 PM if you are a fan of Indian Idol songs and a listening viewer then you must watch this creation. Indian Idol has managed to bring artists from all over India together. Many countries of the world including Canada, Dubai, America, England can enjoy today’s program from the Middle East.

Indian Idol Season 14 Grand Finale TV live

In continuation of that, the program of India Idol 14 is going to end today through the Sony Live program with the aim of reaching the final target. Only the result will be published now any one will be selected from six people today and there will be various prizes for him. You will know who is on this winner list in no time and we will update here. A source said someone from Kolkata is going to be the winner so it’s a matter of pride for Kolkata residents let’s enjoy today’s show without delay and the biographies of the main performers in this show are discussed here from here we can know that the pain is in pain. Some of the success of Indian Idol 14 will be revealed through today’s show.

Indian Idol Season 14 Grand Finale Watch Online live

Indian Idol 14 Watch Prize Money , Gift 2024

The 14th edition of Indian Idol competition is taking place tonight where the first prize will be Rs 25 lakh and a car will be awarded, the runner-up will get Rs 12 lakh and a car also each contestant will get a very expensive prize although this amount will not be finalized. Different types of prizes will be available from different places. Let’s enjoy the event live today without delay and we will be able to see the details of who got what. Around 11 PM, you will get detailed updates directly from Sony TV from this page.

Indian Idol Season 14 Grand Finale Full Episode Watch HD

Indian Idol 14 Grand Finale 6 contestants biographies

Tonight will be the final game who will be the final winner last minute preparation is now going on one of the six will be announced today but here are the six people being evaluated know their resume of the six people here.

Indian Idol 14 Grand Finale Full Episode Watch HD

Piyush Panwar biographies

Subhadeep Das biographies

Kolkata boy Shubodeep Das Chowdhury with melodious voice and classical talent is an Indian singer composer artist who won the grand finale season 14 of Indian Idol 2024 as the best singer. Earlier in 2019, he was selected in the top 15 list of the 11th Indian Idol program, but this year he was selected as the best singer in season 14. After his father died when he was young, his mother Shiladar Chaudhary raised him and supported him by respecting her son’s musical knowledge even though he lived in Kolkata.

Subhadeep Das biographies বিস্তারিত জানতে ক্লিক করুণ

Ananya Pal biographies

Ananya Pal who is a girl from Calcutta is now competing in Indian Idol 14 finals but she didn’t get here so easily she has some great experiences in life her mother died at a young age and her father remarried and they had a hard time being human she sings about this pain Sikh from Kolkata is likely to win the final stage of Indian Idol to be held in Mumbai today, his voice is waiting for gold all over India and his new album is coming out soon.

Anjana Padmanabhan biographies

Anjana Padmanabhan who has already been able to establish herself as a competitor. He won the award from Indian Idol Junior at the age of ten. But he started singing at the age of eight and now he is an Indian singer. Not knowing more details about him is likely to win the final stage of Indian Idol 14 held today

Adya Mishra biographies

Adya Mishra has already proved that much can be won with the love of people, her singing excellence has already been revealed in the competition of Indian Idol 14. He had already won an award at the Independent Music Competition. Currently Indian Idol 14 is in the final stage. May not get the final award today or may be the runner up. The bigger news is that her mother, a philanthropist, has declared Indian Idol six-person Ananya Pal as her daughter.

Vaibhav Gupta biographies