Firefighter Written Exam Question Solution 2024। ফায়ার ফাইটার নিয়োগ পরীক্ষা ২০২৪

Firefighter written exam was held today on 10th February 2024. If you have appeared in this exam then the questions given here are correctly solved for you. Check today’s recruitment exam question solutions.

Firefighter Recruitment Written Exam Questions

I can provide you with some general knowledge and skills that a firefighter is expected to possess.

Fire Fighter Written Exam Question Solve

Dear Candidates, Today’s written exam for the post of fire fighter has just ended. Now you are looking for the answers if you are a candidate who participated in the recruitment exam for the post of firefighter then you will find the answers to the questions from here. Today 10th February 2024 result of written exam has been taken. Bangladesh written exam answers are arranged nicely here. Check the answers from here immediately after the written test is over. Hope your answers are correct.

Fire Fighter Written Exam Question Solution

You can download the answers of Fire Service and Civil Defense Directorate Firefighter recruitment exam questions from online. This written test consists of some questions on Bengali, English Mathematics and General Knowledge of Fire Service. Let’s download the answers to the questions from here. Also if you want you can see the answers to the questions from the image.

Fire Service and Civil Defense Exam Result

  • Authority: Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense
  • Bengali: বাংলাদেশ ফায়ার সার্ভিস ও সিভিল ডিফেন্স অধিদপ্তর
  • Post Name: Fireman, Nursing Attendant
  • Number of vacancy: 376
  • Exam Type : Written
  • Exam Date : 10 February, 2024
  • Time : 3.00 Pm
  • Taken by: Ministry of Home Affairs (Bangladesh)
  • Result published date: 10 February 2024

Firefighter written Exam Result Online 2024

The result of the written examination for the post of Firefighter of Fire Service will be published by Shri. When these results will be available will depend on the specific test you take and the fire department administering the test. However, the result of this written examination is going to be published very soon.

Check Firefighter written Exam Result Online

The result will be published after the written examination conducted today is over. Those who have cleared this written test will be notified through SMS through Fire Department. These results are available online.

Those who will clear the written exam can check the scheduled exam schedule from here. Let us see the results and not the oral exam schedule.

Check Firefighter VIVA Exam Result.

Fire Fighter Works

Fire Fighting Tactics and Tactics: A firefighter must have a thorough understanding of firefighting tactics and techniques, including the use of fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, ladders and rescue equipment.

Emergency Medical Skills: Firefighters are often the first responders to emergencies, so they need to be trained in basic life-saving skills such as CPR, first aid and trauma care.

Building construction: Firefighters need to understand building construction, including the materials used and how a fire can spread through a structure. This knowledge is essential for planning and executing safe firefighting operations.

Hazard Recognition: Firefighters must be able to recognize potential fire hazards and take appropriate measures to prevent the start or spread of a fire.

Communication Skills: Firefighters must be able to communicate effectively with other firefighters and members of the public. They must be able to give clear instructions and answer questions calmly and confidently.

Physical Fitness: Firefighting can be physically demanding, so firefighters must be in good physical shape and able to perform physically demanding tasks, such as carrying heavy equipment and climbing ladders.

Teamwork: Firefighting is a team sport, and firefighters must be able to work effectively as part of a team to conduct firefighting operations and rescue people from burning buildings.

These are some of the key skills and knowledge areas that a firefighter is expected to possess. If you have specific questions about the role of a firefighter, I’d be happy to help.